Mints & Menthol Flavour Concentrate Per 10ml From

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Mints & Menthol Flavour Concentrate Per 10ml From

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Mints & Menthol Flavour Concentrate e liquid UK  Per 10ml

As green pepper tastes hot in taste and menthol tastes cool. There is a chemical in mint, menthol, which is tricking the brain into thinking that the area the menthol is applied to be cold; even though in fact, it’s the same as it was before.  More specifically, menthol binds with cold-sensitive receptors in your skin; these receptors contain things called “ion channels”, in this case. The menthol makes these much more sensitive than normal, so they trigger and you feel a cold sensation, even though everything is more or less the same temperature as before. This extra sensitivity is why when you eat peppermint, which has a relatively high level of menthol, and then you breathes in deeply through your mouth, your mouth feels extra cold.  Your cold receptors are reacting much more strongly than they normally would to the air which is cooler than the inside of your mouth. This is similar in the case e-cigarettes, they taste really well and should once try these in life so they could enjoy to the fullest.enrich8 can provide you the best of Mints & Menthol Flavour Concentrate


  • Amazing taste
  • Perfect aroma
  • Expiry date mention on Mints & Menthol Flavour Concentrate

E-liquid produces little or no odor during vaporization, the only odor produced is generally pleasant and comes from the flavorings. It does not have the fowl stench of cigarette smoke, advantages e-liquid! You can get away vaping almost anywhere if you are discreet. This flavor is crisp and the aroma conjures up images of picturesque beach scenes, hula dancers and a land of lush fruit. All the products are completely hygienic and are mention with expiry dates .expiry dates are mention on each product to satisfy the complete insurance of safety of healthy. Cause health is wealth. All the products are affordable and are easy to purchase by all the customers. Unlike traditional cigarettes, you will not be uncomfortable with it. This flavor amazing to be used in business parties. Because its aroma is so pleasant that it will make all the environment pleasant and will surely make you feel calm and you will enjoy the whole atmosphere. You can gift this Mints & Menthol Flavour Concentrate to your e-cigarette user friend because he will surely love this taste. 

Use between 3%-20% in the mix, to taste. Available in various sizes.

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Please contact us if you would like to purchase in 10 litre or 25 litre containers, or any other size.



Food-grade mints & menthol flavoured concentrate, that can be mixed with PG/VG to create the minty flavour e-liquid of your choice.

These mint flavour concentrates are INTENSELY potent, fresh and taste absolutely fantastic. The scents are true-to-life.

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Additional Information

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