Nut & Spice Flavour Concentrate Per 10ml From

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Nut & Spice Flavour Concentrate Per 10ml From

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Nut & Spice Flavour eliquid UK  Concentrate Per 10ml

eliquid uk  : if your life is boring, you must add some spices in life .because by adding spices in life, makes your life little entertaining. Everything that you think makes your life better than before is called the spice of life .there is no survival without spices .if you want to live the life to the fullest, you must have to add something which can make your life little interesting and amazing. Try something new which will work as a spice in your life. Everything you try new in your life is amazing. If you are a foodie you are always in search of something new and delicious that something new will make your life changed. Little spices are essential for the taste of new recipes. If you are addicted to sweets and desserts then you should try some new spices for the change of taste of tongue. If you will use chili and little salty something, you will definitely find something new and amazing in taste. This case is similar to e cigarettes, if you will continuously try the same flavour, you cannot take the joy in everything. You must try something change and new in taste. If you are searching for a company. Which will provide you best spices then enrich8 can provide you the best of taste and flavour. You must try the Nut and spice flavour concentrate.

  • Perfect taste
  • Amazing aroma Nut and spice flavour concentrate
  • Best quality

Enrich8 provides you the facility to use flavor according to your choice. Once you use e-cigarette you will definitely get rid of traditional smoking. Enrich provides you the best quality material with awesome temptation .all the e-liquid are prepared in a clean and satisfactory environment. You will really enjoy this ripest inhale. And the marvelous inhale will make you feel in another world, E-cigarettes taste like the traditional cigarette but are much better in taste because of the filling of e-liquid. But there is no combustion in it, e- cigarette is not dangerous as of traditional cigarette. If one is a spice lover then he must try the most amazing Nut and spice flavor concentrate






Use between 5%-20% in the mix, to taste. Available in various sizes.

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Food-grade nut & spice flavoured concentrate, that can be mixed with PG/VG to create the nut or spice flavour e-liquid of your choice.

These nut or spice flavour concentrates are INTENSELY potent, fresh and taste absolutely fantastic. The scents are true-to-life.

Additional Information

Additional Information

PG/VG Level No
Ml / Litter No
Nicotine Level No